News and Events

2018 What a great year so far!

We are happy to introduce a news and events page, to keep you guys posted on the productions Cavin is involved in.

Cavins sell out, ground breaking run of Jesus Christ Superstar at The Lyric Opera house Chicago has come to an end.

As he now prepares his next project “King”, an adaptation of  the life of Martin Luther King Jr in concert at the Hackney Empire London.


UK Short Film



Another triumph,WE WON!

Best Short Film at the British Independent Film Festival goes to ‘Sketch’! 

Thanks again to the AMAZING cast and crew! Was so privileged to work with such an incredible team and I’m so grateful for everyone bringing their talent to it.



We Buy Any Home Advert


Before flying off to the States, Cavin filmed a commercial with a great marketing group for “We Buy Any Home” and the finished product is brilliant.

“It was a fun time filming.  I really enjoyed it and hats off its looks amazing”



BBC UK Drama Series



Catch Cavin in action on the BBC drama “Doctors” at 1.45pm 31st of May 2018, in the episode “The Wager”

Lots more to come so watch this space..

Jesus Christ Superstar at Lyric Opera Chicago 2018

Check out the promo video for Jesus Christ Superstar, its awesome.

The reviews speak volumes about Cavins performance

 Jesus Christ Superstar

(4 Stars)

“A Caiaphas (Cavin Cornwall) who sounds exactly like you think he should but rarely does”

Chris Jones Chief Reviewer, Chicago Tribune

“The diabolical undertow of the bass in This Jesus Must Die.”

Catey Sullivan Reviewer, Chicago Sun Times

“Cavin Cornwall is awesome as head priest Caiaphas, with his deep, ominous voice and commanding presence.”

Colin Douglas Reviewer, Chicago Theater Review

Star Wars Signings

Since working on  the Star Wars franchise, Cavin has had lots of requests to attend comicons, merchandise and comic book signings as Sidon Ithanos aka the Crimson Corsair.

This is Cavin with the lovely guys at  “Speedy Turtle Autograph Services “ (Chicago, IL)  on May 14, 2018

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